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Hypersign to Provide On-Chain KYC for Nibiru Chain

Use-Cases Partnership
TL;DR: Hypersign has announced a strategic partnership with Nibiru Chain to integrate advanced on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions into Nibiru's decentralized applications (dApps). This collaboration aims to enhance security, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster trust within the Nibiru ecosystem. Leveraging Hypersign’s expertise in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology, the initiative will benefit developers and projects on Nibiru by providing sophisticated KYC and Proof-of-Personhood tools, aligning with the chain's commitment to user privacy and data sovereignty.
Hypersign is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Nibiru Chain, a significant step towards strengthening security and trust within the blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration aims to integrate an advanced on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) framework into Nibiru Chain's decentralized applications (dApps), leveraging Hypersign's state-of-the-art Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology.

Advancing the DeFi Ecosystem

In response to the rigorous compliance requirements facing decentralized finance (DeFi) and real-world asset (RWA) projects. The goal is to implement a sophisticated on-chain KYC solution that meets these regulatory demands within the Nibiru ecosystem, thereby fostering a safer, more transparent, and compliant operational landscape.
Vikram Anand Bhushan, Co-founder of Hypersign, expresses his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to witness new blockchains like Nibiru considering regulation right from their launch while maintaining the core ethos of Web3. We are excited to support Nibiru with our on-chain KYC solutions, benefiting not only the Nibiru ecosystem but also extending our support to all projects built on it. We eagerly look forward to the rollout of Nibiru's innovative L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem, which is set to offer superior throughput and unparalleled security."
The partnership harnesses Hypersign’s expertise in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology, providing a permissionless and secure framework for users to control their personal data. By incorporating Hypersign’s advanced technologies, developers and dApps operating on the Nibiru Chain can implement robust KYC and Proof-of-Personhood mechanisms. This move aligns with regulatory compliance and enhances user privacy and security across the Nibiru ecosystem.
This collaboration is particularly advantageous for the entire Nibiru platform. It facilitates the integration of essential on-chain KYC functionalities, aiding in the creation of secure, compliant, and user-centric applications.

About Nibiru Chain

Nibiru Chain is a breakthrough L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem sporting superior throughput and unparalleled security. Nibiru aims to be the most developer-friendly and user-friendly smart contract ecosystem, leading the charge toward mainstream Web3 adoption by innovating at each layer of the stack: dApp development, infra, consensus, a comprehensive dev toolkit, and value accrual.

About Hypersign

Hypersign is a cutting-edge, permissionless protocol designed to revolutionize digital identity and access rights management. By embracing the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Hypersign aims to empower individuals by allowing them to have full control over their own data and access on the internet. This platform offers a scalable, interoperable, and secure Verifiable Data Registry (VDR), which facilitates various applications rooted in SSI principles. Developed on the Cosmos-SDK, the Hypersign Identity Network has gained recognition from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), ensuring a robust, seamless, and secure management of Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. By providing solutions such as on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) and Proof-of-Personhood, Hypersign stands at the forefront of digital identity, offering a more privacy-centric and user-controlled approach.
Get in touch with us today to understand the nuances of the decentralized identifier and on-chain KYC at