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Hypersign’s 2023 — A Recap

Updates Community Technology
TL;DR, In 2023, Hypersign achieved significant milestones in decentralized identity technology. Tech updates included blockchain integration, advanced verification methods, and the introduction of the BBS+ Signature Scheme. Real-world adoption was evident in age verification at MotoGP, and a MoU was signed with MIT Art Design and Technology University to create a fully blockchain-based university.

Recognition from Interchain, W3C, the Data Security Council of India, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology highlighted Hypersign's global impact. Strategic partnerships with PowerBrowser, NORDEK Blockchain, Connect 2 Evolve,, Babylon, and Avisa Games Guild strengthened the company's position.

The year also saw successful events, including Atom Dubai and organized hack:DiD hackathon, fostering innovation and collaboration. As we enter 2024, Hypersign remains committed to shaping the future of decentralized identity solutions.
As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey Hypersign has traversed throughout the year. From groundbreaking technological advancements to global recognition and strategic partnerships, Hypersign has been at the forefront of revolutionizing decentralized identity solutions. Let's dive into the key highlights that have defined our remarkable year.

Technological Evolution

Blockchain Integration

Hypersign took a significant leap forward by integrating blockchain addresses from various Cosmos Ecosystem chains into DID Documents. Notably, support for Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Akash, Stargaze, Persistence, and Crypto.Org Chain showcases our commitment to expanding interoperability within the decentralized identity space.

Enhanced Verification Methods

The addition of the "X25519KeyAgreementKey2020" VerificationMethod type to the Hypersign Identity Network marks a pivotal development. This enhancement lays the groundwork for the Encrypted Data Vault, reinforcing our dedication to decentralized identity communication.

BBS+ Signature Scheme

A highlight of our technological upgrade was the introduction of the BBS+ Signature Scheme. This innovative digital signature mechanism allows selective disclosure of specific message components, operating on a zero-knowledge basis. This breakthrough opens doors to advanced use cases, particularly in Selective Disclosure, amplifying the functionality of our blockchain.

Baby JubJub Key Pair Support

Integrating Baby JubJub Key pairs in the DevNet Environment aligns with our commitment to Zero Knowledge Proofs. This strategic move enhances our system's capabilities, paving the way for more secure and private transactions.

Decentralized Identifiers (DID) Canonization

Advancements in the canonization of DID Documents, specifically the support for consuming JSON-LD DID Documents, showcase our dedication to standardized and interoperable decentralized identity solutions.

Architectural Reconfiguration of SSI SDK

The restructured Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Software Development Kit now accommodates multiple key types, boasting a developer-centric approach, an improved API interface, and comprehensive documentation for ease of use.

Credential System Enhancements

Streamlining the Credential Status Document and improving JSON-LD canonization and signing support for all SSI documents demonstrate our commitment to efficiency and security in credential management.

Recognition and Support

Interchain Builders Program

Hypersign's selection for Cohort 1 Q1 2023 in the Interchain Builders program provided invaluable support, covering technical, fundraising, legal, and token design aspects. Read more about our journey here.

W3C Recognition

Official recognition by the World Wide Web Consortium for Hypersign's did:hid method underscores our commitment to extending the W3C DiD core specification for Web3 use cases. This validation reinforces the technical strength of our endeavors.

Data Security Council of India & MEITY

Acknowledgment from the Data Security Council of India further validates Hypersign's contributions to data security and privacy.

Real-World Adoption

Attendee Verification at MotoGP

Hypersign played a pivotal role in age verification for alcohol sales at the first MotoGP event in India, showcasing the practical application of our decentralized identity solutions. Watch the video below:

Partnership with MIT Art Design and Technology University

Signing an MOU with MIT Art Design and Technology University solidifies our role in shaping the future of education through blockchain-powered solutions. Hypersign will help in establishing a network node on campus and working on certificate & ID card issuance & management and build out all the processes from attendance to credential issuance onchain.


  • Hosted a networking event in Dubai named "Atom Dubai" on March 19th for the Cosmos ecosystem. Pics from the event: Link
  • As one of the 6 finalists, we showcased our Aadhar (Indian government-issued identity card for citizens) based verification system at BPM2023 InnovationBox, organized by the Data Security Council of India, using Hypersign & zero-knowledge proofs. Pics from the event: Link
  • Organized Cosmocon in Singapore on the sidelines of Token2049 for the Cosmos ecosystem. Pics from the event: Link
  • Organized Cosmocon India on the sidelines of EthIndia for the Cosmos ecosystem and projects building on Cosmos. Pics from the event: Link
  • Hypersign presented and shared its cutting-edge research on privacy technology and compliance at the first-ever Privacy Engineering Summit hosted in India by the Data Security Council of India. Pics from the event: Link


Hack:DiD Initiative: Launching the hack:DiD initiative, a Hackathon for Self-Sovereign Identity Adoption, with 20+ industry partners, road shows and developer workshops across 4 cities, demonstrates our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration. Explore the full story here.


Power Browser

Partnering with Power Browser aims to enhance the browsing experience through advanced decentralized identity solutions and increased security. This collaboration promotes user privacy, data control, and a seamless Web3 browsing experience, shaping the future of a more secure and decentralized Internet.

NORDEK Blockchain

The partnership with NORDEK Blockchain aims to integrate Hypersign’s decentralized identity infrastructure into projects built on NORDEK. This collaboration enhances user identity verification and privacy features across fintech, gaming, and metaverse solutions.

Connect 2 Evolve

C2E, the decentralized review platform, and Hypersign, the self-sovereign identity network, have partnered to provide a seamless and secure user experience for C2E users. This partnership incorporates the Hypersign decentralized identity and verifiable credentials solution into the C2E platform, enabling users to associate multiple wallets with a single DID.

Leveraging Hypersign's expertise in Self-Sovereign Identity, this partnership enhances DSID's decentralized identity architecture, enabling users to build trust-based reputations in the digital realm.


The collaboration with Babylon focuses on enhancing transaction security and lowering bonding periods in the digital identity landscape. Hypersign's cross-chain identity decentralized network empowers individuals to manage and protect their digital identities fully.

Avisa Games Guild

Partnering with Avisa Games Guild aims to empower gamers with control of their data through verifiable credentials and decentralized identities, enabling a portable game reputation across platforms.
The year concluded with an insightful AMA session where Hypersign's founders discussed the highlights of 2023 and outlined plans for 2024. Listen to the AMA here.
As we step into 2024, Hypersign remains dedicated to pioneering innovations in decentralized identity solutions, fostering global collaborations, and driving real-world adoption. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to another year of transformative advancements!

About Hypersign

Hypersign is an innovative, permissionless blockchain network that manages digital identity and access rights. Rooted in the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Hypersign empowers individuals to take control of their data and access on the internet. It provides a scalable, interoperable, and secure verifiable data registry (VDR) that enables various use cases based on SSI. Built using the Cosmos-SDK, the Hypersign Identity Network is recognized by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), promoting a seamless and secure identity management experience on the Internet.
Get in touch with us today to understand the nuances of the decentralized identifier and their real-world application at